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This is the second edition in a biennial statistics report on forest seed and plant material in the Nordic countries. The first edition was published in 2021. This edition has been expanded by including more statistics and more species than the first report, as well as including more recent data from the years 2020 and 2021. The report compiles statistics and reports contributed by representatives of each country in the NordGen Forest Regeneration Council. 
Top photo: Lars Sandved Dalen/NIBIO.


Thomas Solvin and Inger Sundheim Fløistad from NordGen Forest together with members of the NordGen Forest regeneration Council:
Gunnar Friis Proschowsky (Chair), Torben Leisgaard, Tiina Ylioja, Marko Tynkkynen, Brynjar Skúlason, Hallur S. Björgvinsson, Espen Stokke, Marte Friberg Myhre, Ellinor Edvardsson, Claes Uggla.
Please contact NordGen Forest if you are interested in further statistics, see "About This Publication" for contact information. How to cite this publication: Solvin et al. 2023. Statistics: Forest Seeds and Plants in the Nordic Region 2023. NordGen Publication Series: 2023:02.

Forest Seeds and Plants in the Nordic Region 2022

Forest Seeds and Plants in the Nordic Region 2022 . NordGen Publication Series: 2023:01